Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. Conservation in the Pilanesberg National Park.
The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust
Established as a medium through which individuals, companies, government agencies and NGO's can contribute to further the conservation and social upliftment which the Pilanesberg National Park has stimulated in a once largely disadvantaged rural area.

Contributions, donations, bequests and sponsorship of particular projects can be done through debit orders or once-off payments. Should you wish to sponsor any of the below projects, please use the project name as reference for your deposit and either fax or email the details of your payment to the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust.

Forms relating to bequests and debit order donations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Key Objectives of the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust

- Conservation of the beauty and the biodiversity of the Pilanesberg National Park

- To provide education and skills development in surrounding communities through scholarships and bursaries for environmental conservation and eco-tourism studies

- To support social and economic upliftment in the related fields of nature conservation and tourism within the surrounding communities

Projects Currently Underway

- Rhino Anti-Poaching Fund

- Rhino Immobilisation Project

- Owl Nesting Box Project

- Lion/Brown Hyaena/Wild Dog Project

- Buffalo Movement and Utilisation Areas within Pilanesberg Project

- Introduction of New Male Lions from a Known Disease-Free Area to Improve the Genetics within The Pilanesberg Population Project

- Housing Project for HIV/ AIDS Affected Families in the Ledig Community

- Alternatively, if you are interested in membership and want to decide which of the above projects to support, contact the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust for more information about the benefits of each project

Contact Details

Website: www.pilanesbergwildlifetrust.co.za
Email: Ms P Dell
Tel: +27 14 555 1622
Fax: +27 14 555 5871

In the light of the recent surge of rhino poaching throughout South and Southern Africa, any support is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in assisting the Pilanesberg National Park and Wildlife Trust in the war against poaching and further protection of these incredible animals. Thank you!

Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. Conserving the Pilanesberg National Park for Future Generations.